No, it is not. However, freemasons are expected to have a religious belief.
No, it is not. In fact discussions of politics are forbidden in masonic lodges.
Yes, freemasonry exists throughout the world, but there are some countries where freemasonry is banned (e.g. North Korea, Iran, and Vatican). There is no international governing body, Grand Lodges being independent and sovereign.
It is not. However, the lodge meetings are private and open for members only.
Freemasons come from many religious backgrounds, such as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc. We use the term Great Architect to prevent disharmony. The Great Architect is not a substitute for God, not a masonic God, not a combination of all Gods into one.
It is symbolical and historical. Regalia are like a uniform indicating the ranking in the organisation.
Any person of good character, good reputation, and who believes in an almighty creator can become a freemason.
Yes, but most of the Grand Lodges in UK and USA are restricted to men, others are restricted to women. However, across the world there is an increasing number of mixt Grand Lodges in which both men and women are welcome together.
Yes. Freemasonry does not interfere with freemasons' religious beliefs. Also, discussions about religion are prohibited in masonic meetings in order to avoid religious conflicts among members.
Usually there is an initiation fee followed by an annual membership which varies from Lodge to Lodge.
Freemasons are invited to be generous and give to charities, but it is always entirely up to each individual if or how much they want to donate.
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