About us
SGLOD is a mixt lodge, part of a larger family of MAREA LOJA SUVERANA A DACIEI having "sister" lodges in Romania, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, and France.
Values and principles
The main goal of freemasonry is to make "good men better". As Freemasons we no longer erect physical temples; instead we build our own "temples" of morality by following our core principles:
  • Integrity: keeping promises, respecting the law, promoting high moral standards.
  • Kindness: showing empathy to those in need, giving to charity, helping the unfortunates, playing active roles in prosperity of communities.
  • Honesty: telling the truth, being open about our views and goals.
  • Fairness: treating everyone as equal inside and outside of our society.
  • Tolerance: understanding and respecting people's opinions, beliefs, political views, etc. Freemasonry stands firm against racism, and discrimination of any kind.
Why mixt freemasonry?
The evolution of our entire society in the last century was determined by many factors, such as progress of science and technology, new political spectrums around the world leading to democracy, independence and freedom. But perhaps the most important factor that influenced the progress of humanity was the women's emancipation movement.
At the beginning of freemasonry women were not allowed to join simply because were not free human beings, they had no right to vote or to play an active role in community.
Today, women are self-determined and bring a vital contribution to society with economic, social, moral, and spiritual implications.
Through freemasonry women have the opportunity to gain wisdom, equilibrium, and strength to make the world a better place.
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